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   Sneaky Drinking Gear
Papa Bert Stadium Sippin' Seat Deluxe Kit - $34.99
The world famous Stadium Sippin' Seat cushion with a hidden built-in ...
Papa Bert The BeerBelly Deluxe Kit - $39.95
The famous fake beer belly that holds over 6 beers with ...
Papa Bert Drink Caddie Electric Golf Club Drink Dispenser Flask - $74.99
More Power! The Drink Caddie is an electric version of ...


Sneaky Drinking Gear
Stadium Sippin' Seat, Papa Bert Sneaky Drinking, Tailgating, Flasks, Football Stadium Sippin' Seat
The Sippin' Seat is the perfect tailgating accessory! Sneak in your favorite drink, beer, booze, wine, you name it, AND have a great comfortable stadium cushion. Sit back, have a drink, and enjoy the game without paying for the overpriced stadium booze...or even worse, not drinking at all! The Sippin' Seat holds 750ml (2+ beers or a bottle of Jack) and can withstand 300lbs+ of pressure.

WineRack, Papa Bert Sneaky Drinking, Tailgating, Flasks, Football WineRack
Turn an A cup in to double Ds AND sport your favorite beverage for yourself and your friends with this comfortable sports bra with built-in flexible flask!

Kooler Klub, Drink Caddy, Papa Bert Sneaky Drinking, Golf, Flasks Kooler Club & Drink Caddy
The Kooler Klub and Drink Caddy are insulated drink dispensers disguised as golf club drivers to pour your favorite hot or cold beverage. The Drink Caddy is a battery operated version that pours at the touch of a button and the Kooler Klub is a manual version with a pump handle.

Barnoculars Binocular Flask, Papa Bert Sneaky Drinking, Tailgating, Flasks, Football Barnoculars Binocular Flasks
A true classic! This 2-chamber liquor flask disguised as binoculars holds 16oz (13 shots) of your favorite drink. It comes complete with a shoulder strap, funnel, and gift box.

Camera Flask Camera Flask
Camera Flask

Cell Phone Flask, Papa Bert Sneaky Drinking, Tailgating, Flasks, Football Cell Phone Flask
"Hello, can you hear me now?" With the Cell Phone Flask you can easily and discretely carry your favorite beverage everywhere you go...and no one will suspect a thing. Just fill the flask and put it in your pocket or purse. Everyone carries a cell phone, right?

BeerBelly, Papa Bert Sneaky Drinking, Tailgating, Flasks, Football BeerBelly
Whether you're watching the game, going to the movies, exercising, studying, going to class, or just hanging out, the Beerbelly will help ensure you stay hydrated. Thanks to a neoprene sling and a custom shaped flexible flask that holds up to 80 oz. of liquid (6+ beers), you are sure to be the most popular (and happy) drinker around!

Floppy Flask, Papa Bert Sneaky Drinking, Tailgating, Football Floppy Flasks
The Floppy Flask is a portable game day flask that straps around your waist and holds 32oz (26 shots) of your favorite drink. The flexible, reusable, strong plastic flask has an integrated adjustable belt and is easy to fill and clean. The twist valve allows you to pour a quick drink but also ensures that it does not leak. This is a perfect flask for football games, concerts, or any event where you might need a stealth beverage!

Lotion Flasks Lotion Flasks
Lotion Flasks

Sunscreen Flask Sunscreen Flask
Sunscreen Flask

Disposable Flask, Papa Bert Sneaky Drinking, Tailgating, Flasks, Football Disposable Flasks
Disposable Flasks are a great inexpensive alternative to traditional flasks. You don't have to worry about losing them or forgetting to wash them out. Just throw it away and start over.

Bev-Bag Bev-Bag

Hairbrush flask Hairbrush Flask
This is the perfect sneaky drinking product! The Hairbrush Flask is a great product for any event. Not only is it a functioning hairbrush, but it allows you to bring 6oz of your favorite beverage to any event.

Hand Creme and Hand Sanitizer Flasks Hand Creme & Sanitizer Flasks
Hand Creme & Sanitizer Flasks

Tampon Flasks Tampon Flasks
Tampon Flasks

Key Chain Flask, Papa Bert Sneaky Drinking, Tailgating, Flasks, Football Key Chain Flask
Great things sometimes come in small packages. And, since you always have your keys with you then you will always have your Key Chain Flask handy...you just never know when you will need a shot. The Key Chain Flask has a secure screw top and key hook. Practical, stealthy, and fun!

Plastic Travel Flask, Papa Bert Sneaky Drinking, Tailgating, Flasks, Football Plastic Travel Flask
The classic gameday Plastic Travel Flasks are a standard for any serious fan. These durable, reusable, easy to fill flasks are available in multiple sizes are are sized perfect to fit in your pocket or purse.

Sneaky Cooler Sneaky Cooler
Sneaky Coolers have become a necessity when considering drinking at many events. Whether it is a golf outing, a concert, sporting event or even going to the park you have to hide your beverages unless you plan on spending a small fortune at the concession stand.

Sneaky Shorts, Papa Bert Sneaky Drinking, Tailgating, Flasks, Football Sneaky Shorts
The Sneaky Shorts are wearable, concealable, flexible beverage holders to carry and dispense your favorite drink at any event. The Sneaky Shorts patent pending "Stay Thin" technology ensures that the shorts do not buldge when filled with liquid. They hold 24oz (2 beers) and have an integrated adjustable belt. The Sneaky shorts are reusable and easy to refill and clean. The dual hoses can be cut to any length to fit you perfectly.

Drink Dispensers, Liquor Dispensers, Papa Bert Sneaky Drinking, Tailgating, Flasks, Football Drink Dispensers
What will they think of next? Is there anything that you can't dispense liquor from? Statues, really? Make a statement at your next party with these unique items.

Book Flasks Book Flasks
Appear slightly scholarly even when you are drinking with the Papa Bert Book Flasks. These real books have built-in hidden flasks in multiple different sizes.

Flask Tie, Tie Flask Tie Flask
Tie Flask

Cigar Flask, Sneaky Drinking, Stainless Steel Cigar Holder and Flask Cigar Flask
Are you tired of having to chose between your drink and your cigar? Not any more...with the cigar flask, you have the best of both worlds!

The Can Grip, The Can Grip
Perfect for any 12 oz can. Are you tired of your beer getting warm and your hand being cold? The can grip is the answer to your problems. It as great for any event. Tailgating, concerts and even sitting around the house.

Package Discounts, Papa Bert Sneaky Drinking, Tailgating, Flasks, Football Package Discounts
Save Big $$$! Papa Bert has put together some amazing sneaky drinking packages at huge discounts over buying the products individually. Why sneak in only 1 drink when you can sneak in 100!



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